Modeling Wellbore Hydraulics and Heat Transfer
Accurate prediction of pressure and temperature profiles is absolutely essential for pre-job planning and post-job analysis of various wellbore applications.The objective of this course is to present the mathematical modeling concepts for production, injection, and circulation applications in the wellbore to generate pressure and temperature profiles. See Course Details.
Modeling Coiled Tubing Wellbore Cleanout
This course presents theoretical concepts to model and design coiled tubing wellbore cleanout operations. Both steady-state and transient job design analysis are considered to optimize fuild selection and pump flowrate schedule for an efficient cleanout. See Course Details.
Mathematical Design and Simulation of Gravel Pack Operations
The primary objective of this course is to present a design methodology to plan a gravel pack operation. Particular emphasis is on proppant bed hieght predictions for various proppant concentration, fluid type, and flowrates from both a steady-state and transient viewpoints.
See Course Details.
These training courses can either be taught at the client location or in the Houston area. For additional information please contact us at  +1 (832) 295-1521 or info [at] BTechSoft [dot] com


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BTechSoft Engineering Software Consultants
Course Dates
Course Dates
Course Dates
BTechSoft offers both software and engineering training courses Software courses are designed to provide training in the use of our software products. Usually, software courses are offered to existing customers who hold a valid license to our software. However, engineering courses present the theory and mathematical modeling aspects in conjunction with the results obtained from our software products. Engineering courses do not require you to hold a valid license of our software products. Case studies and practical field examples are provided in both software and engineering courses so that users can apply these modeling techniques to any field projects of interest.

The following engineering courses are currently offered by BTechSoft.
Course Dates
This course presents theoretical concepts on the buckling behavoir of well tubing and its impact on well design and operations. Field examples are presented to determine the length of seals, packer-to-tubing forces, and the maximum stresses as a result of tubing movement.
See Course Details.
Tubing Movement Analysis