Consulting Services

Job Modeling

  • perform job modeling based on input data from client using our software products
  • includes both pre-job modeling and post-job analysis
  • provide results in the form of a report along with case studies

Software Development

  • collaborate with third-party software companies using our engineering models
  • develop custom mathematical models for proprietary technologies
  • incorporate proprietary third-party models into our software


  • assist clients on how to effectively use our software
  • software training can be customized with engineering theory
  • provide a hands-on experience with job design and analysis with field examples

Job Modeling

Our Consulting Services includes Various Applications

Fluid Mechanics

Non-Newtonian fluid rheology and multiphase flow

Heat Transfer

Wellbore and flowline-riser fluid flow and heat transfer

Tubing Force Analysis

Torque and drag modeling in capillary string, coiled tubing, drill string, and wireline interventions

Gravel Pack

Sand control design and simulation

Wellbore Cleanout

Plug milling, drill-outs, proppant, and fill removal through coiled tubing cleanout

Tubing Movement

Packer-to-tubing forces, pipe length changes and tubing stresses

Fluid Displacement

Transient fluid displacement operations


Underbalanced and managed pressure drilling

Production System Analysis

Inflow/outflow performance and nodal analysis; coiled tubing velocity string design and inflow control device (ICD) flow applications

Well Unloading

Coiled tubing well unloading with nitrogen and foam

Pipe Fatigue

Coiled tubing fatigue life tracking


Injection operations: formation fluid leakoff modeling


Acidizing treatment design and simulation

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