Our training courses are offered in 3 flavors


Topics are application specific and are stand-alone sections or components of a course. These Course Topics are delivered as self-paced, on-demand webinars or blended instructor-led sessions.


Course Modules are offered in the areas of well production, intervention, and completion. These Modules include pure engineering courses which do not require a software and also hybrid Modules that provide a mix of engineering theory and hands-on software experience.


All Topics and Modules are offered as Packages on a subscription basis. These can also be customized to a company based on the specific requirements. This allows groups in a company to pick and choose the course Topics and Modules only relevant to their area of interest.

Course Modules

Coiled Tubing Hydraulics

Learn concepts related to job design and planning, importance and impact of hydraulics on CT operations.

  • Impact on operations with several field examples
  • Influence of various fluid types on the pressure loss in the pipe flow system
  • Effects of reservoir interaction
  • Effect of CT Reel on pumping pressure requirements
  • Effect of pipe roughness on pressure profile
  • BHA Pressure Loss
  • How to design keeping in mind pump pressure limitations and bottom hole pressure constraints such as the fracture gradient
  • Learn the effectiveness of sensitivity analysis to design CT jobs
  • How and when to use steady-state and transient analysis for pre-job planning
  • How to identify problems with inputs through results interpretation

  • Engineers with little or no experience in modeling who are involved in job planning of coiled tubing operations and want to learn about coiled tubing hydraulics design.

Delivery Mode Duration Comments
Self-Paced 158 min Does not require software
Instructor-Led 3.5 hours (half-day) Does not require software
with TubeFlow PIC 6 hours (one-day) Temporary software license provided