Tech Bits

Application specific, stand-alone technical information or components of a course topic are provided here as Tech Bits. These Tech Bits typically include technical notes and presentations in a specific subject area.

Multiphase Flow Correlations for Well Interventions

Typical multiphase flow correlations for well intervention are presented. Both empirical and mechanistic correlations are discussed briefly with an illustration on their performance.

API Gravity

American Petroleum Institute (API) Gravity is used to compare densities of petroleum liquids relative to water. A higher API Gravity indicates a less dense liquid. API Gravity is a dimensionless quantity but is referred to as 'degree API'. API gravity of most petroleum liquids are in the range between 10 and 70 degrees.

Coiled Tubing Annulus Flow

Flow in the annulus formed between the coiled tubing and the well is discussed along with related modeling options to determine the annular pressure loss. The differences in annular friction pressure loss between a concentric and fully eccentric annulus are illustrated through an example.